The 13th Annual FLYP Banquet

When  : November 18, 2022

Where : Pardinis banquet room

FLYP Annual Banquet - Postponed.png


We are looking for individuals, organizations or companies who deserve recognition for what they have done in the Fresno community! 

If you like to view the categories go ahead and learn more about our previous winners down below! 

Last Years Winners and Nomination Descriptions


This award is for a public official, public figure, or corporate leader in the Greater Fresno Area who has provided, sustained, and effective leadership to improve the lives of those that live in the Greater Fresno Area. The ideal candidate is a leader that demonstrates selfless service in the Central Valley in a positive light and who has made demonstrable and significant changes to advance the professional community.


The award recipient must have a broad-based, continuing commitment to community service, public service, and/or significant charitable or philanthropic contributions of benefit to the community, as reflected in a variety of activities, programs and initiatives which have served the needs of the professional community in the Greater Fresno Area.


The award recipient must exhibit a passion for connecting individuals in the Fresno community. The award recipient must have demonstrated the ability to connect multiple individuals and / or organizations to unite under a common goal that promotes positive change in our community. The ideal candidate has the ability to bridge generational, professional and political boundaries to advance initiatives in support of the professional community in the Greater Fresno area.


This award is for a company that has demonstrated a continued commitment to developing Young Professionals in the Greater Fresno area. The ideal candidate is one that has devoted resources to attracting, retaining, and mentoring young professionals.


This award is for a FLYP Member who has exhibited a dedication to supporting Fresno's Leading Young Professionals, its members and the Fresno community. FLYP'er of the Year is a member that has gone above and beyond to participate, engage and promote the Fresno community while also excelling in their own career.