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About Fresno’s Leading Young Professionals (FLYP) 

 Fresno’s Leading Young Professionals is a non-profit organization focused on retaining and developing young talent within the Fresno region. Through community and civic engagement, professional development, and networking opportunities, FLYP provides various opportunities aimed towards personal and professional growth. By building and empowering our young leaders today, we create a better Fresno community for the future.

Our Mission

To lead, serve and connect young professionals through all stages in their careers in the greater Fresno area who are committed to professional and civic leadership.

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Our Goals

Giving young professionals a reason to stay in this region by:

  • Helping them build meaningful roots here by connecting them with jobs, friends, education, local causes.

  • Providing opportunities that help build lasting personal and professional relationships.

  • Connecting people with leadership opportunities that otherwise would not be available to them.

  • Helping young professionals reach their full potential in a community that values their contribution to our region.

  • Linking young professionals with each other, the business community, and seasoned professionals in their field.

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