Ambassador Program

We're looking for a new Ambassador for the 2018 Fall Semester! Interested? Click the button below, download the application, and send it to 



More information:

Fresno’s Leading Young Professionals (FLYP) is looking for a qualified intern to join our team. Our purpose is to attract and retain young professionals in the greater Fresno area who are committed to professional and civic leadership and we are looking for an intern to assist in this process. For further questions please email



  • College Students, Juniors or Seniors. Open to all Majors. Business, Marketing, Communication, and Public Relations preferred 

Term of Service:

  • School Semester (Fall & Spring only). May apply multiple times


  • Depends on credits available to student 

Application Process:

  • Application process will begin at the beginning of the semester. Eligible applicants can apply online through FLYP website. FLYP’s Board of Directors will make selection from pool of applicants

Required Involvement:

  • Must attend 2 Board meetings, 2 mixers, 1 personal development event, 1 community service event, and 20 hours of on campus recruitment. Board meetings are the second Tuesday of each month, and mixers are the fourth Wednesday of each month

Time Commitment:

  • Minimum of 45 hour


  • Free to participate in program. Ambassador will also receive a complimentary year-long membership with FLYP


  • Attend required meetings and events and assist the Board as directed
  • Assist the Membership Chair in student membership recruitment through hosting outreach events and distributing membership information
  • Assist in generating and distributing marketing and outreach materials throughout the community to promote FLYP-related events and programs
  • Provide support through social media efforts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)Submitting FLYP events to various community calendars.
  • Research and present new initiatives and programs to improve community relations with students in the great Fresno area
  • Assist board members in planning organizing, and facilitating events as needed 
  • For any further information or questions please email


Downtown Academy

Downtown Academy is essentially a 10-month “class” on downtown Fresno that is offered to members of Fresno’s Leading Young Professionals (FLYP). The class meets one evening each month, taking tours of downtown projects and hearing from community leaders about obstacles and opportunities in our city center.

We visit cool places, eat great food, and make great connections.

What are the 4 pillars of Downtown Academy?

A class curriculum that explores the complexities of urban renewal

An overnight field trip to other cities to help visualize successful revitalization strategies

Completion of a class project that directly advances revitalization efforts

Become a downtown champion, and member of a tight-knit group that supports vibrancy, innovation, advocacy, and partnerships in our downtown!

*Classes take place from 6pm-9pm on the first Wednesday of each month, except October and November classes (overnight field trip, and ArtHop). Additional time may be required to complete the class project.


Is there a fee?

Yes. $350 pays for your dinner at each of the 10 classes, as well as travel and lodging for the overnight field trip. There are no refunds under any circumstances.


Do I have to attend all 10 classes?

Yes. By agreeing to participate, we expect that you will be present for all 10 classes. If you cannot be present on the dates listed above, you should consider leaving that spot for someone else who can commit.  FLYP, Downtown Fresno Partnership, and your classmates expect that you will fully commit to attending all class days from start to finish. If you have a conflict, please contact Downtown Fresno Partnership to discuss your options.


Please note that attendance at the field trip is absolutely required. No exceptions. 

Failure to attend the field trip will result in immediate forfeiture of your space in the class. 

You will not receive a refund.


What’s in it for me?

Downtown Academy is a great opportunity for FLYP members to become more involved in and informed about the downtown community. You’ll hear incredible stories from local business owners; explore spaces you didn’t know existed; view the city from high atop the tallest buildings; gain a deeper understanding of city planning, placemaking, and urban design; create a tight network with 29 other young professionals who are committed to Fresno’s future; dine at a variety of downtown restaurants; work together on a class project that directly impacts downtown’s revitalization.


What should I expect on a typical class day?

Plenty of walking, learning, and fun! At 6pm, we depart the designated meeting spot and spend the next two(ish) hours visiting downtown sites: Theaters, historic buildings, offices, tunnels, galleries, lofts, and more.  At each stop, we talk with business owners, community leaders, artists, visionaries, executives, and residents about their unique perspective of downtown Fresno. We finish the evening with dinner and a group discussion to plan the class project and discuss what we’ve learned.  Class takes place rain or shine, hot or cold. We walk a lot! We will do our best to make accommodations for any class members with unique physical or health needs.


What can I expect on the field trip?

This is an overnight trip. We leave early Friday by bus and spend the day touring various downtowns followed by a group discussion over dinner. We spend the night in a hotel, and then continue touring Saturday morning. We wrap up with lunch and then it’s back on the bus to Fresno. We walk a lot! Class members are paired two per room. All class members ride the bus to and from our destination cities. The travel time on the bus is an awesome experience when class members really get to know one another, building relationships and becoming friends! Your fee pays travel, lodging, and Friday dinner. Breakfast and lunches are on your own.


How do I apply?

Please check back in Fall of 2017 for applications for Class 6. Thank you. 


I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

Bianca Camara at Downtown Fresno Partnership will be happy to answer any questions:


Downtown Academy was established by Fresno’s Leading Young Professionals (FLYP) in 2010 to answer the question: How do we make downtown Fresno a vibrant place to live and work? Four classes have now completed Downtown Academy resulting in amazing discussions and discoveries, transformational class projects, and producing some of our city’s best and most influential advocates. This program showcases the very best of FLYP’s guiding principals to LEAD, SERVE, CONNECT and was referred to as “one of the best programs to come out of the revitalization movement” by Mayor Swearengin (3.3.2016).